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Depicted are historical figures from New Braunfels' past.
River Status
Comal River Recommended Recreation Threshold
Flow River Status
100 - 500 cfs Recreational flow- safe for all activities - tubing open for all levels of swimmers
500 - 1000 cfs Use extreme caution - all activities questionable - flows fo this magnitude are usually caused by rainfall and involve turbid water and floating debris - contact river outfitters for more information
1000 cfs River closed

Guadalupe River Recommended Recration Threshold
Flow  River Status
100 - 500 cfs Recreational flow - safe for all activities
500 - 750 cfs Safe for all activities - caution to swimmers
750 - 1000 cfs Tubing questionable - use extreme caution
1000 - 3000 cfs No tubing - raft and kayak trips only
3000 cfs Guided trips only

Current River Flow Rates 
Comal River USGS Real-time 
Guadalupe River USGS Real-time