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Depicted are historical figures from New Braunfels' past.
New Braunfels Utilities provides water to the majority of the city.

Visit NBU’s Conservation page (for information about issues such as watering restrictions) at: http://www.nbutexas.com/Conservation.aspx

Other Suppliers
View the CCN map to determine your correct water provider.

New Braunfels Utilities provides sewer service to the majority of the city. 

Other Providers 

View the CCN map to determine your correct sewer provider.

Areas that do not have sewer service must utilize on-site septic systems, which are permitted by the Health Department in the city limits and by the appropriate county outside the city limits. Minimum lot size for a septic system in the city limits is 1/2 acre. Minimum lot size in Comal County with a public water supply and in Guadalupe County is one acre. Minimum lot size in Comal County with on-site water (well) is 5 acres.

New Braunfels Utilities provides electric service to the majority of the city.

Other Providers

Natural Gas 
Centerpoint Energy provides natural gas service to many areas of the city. However, not all parts of the city receive natural gas service.

Telephone and Internet 
AT&T is the primary telephone provider for the city.
The Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative serves the area to the west of New Braunfels, outside of the city limits.
HughesNet provides satellite internet and phone service to the community.

Cable Television 
Time Warner provides cable television service to many areas of the city. 
Direct TV is also available in many areas of the city.